Turrican II AGA für AMIGA & A500 mini erschienen!

Vor 27 Jahren hatten die 3 Nachwuchsentwickler von SUN-Project die AMIGA-Version von Turrican II “offiziell” auf den PC portiert (Release: 12/1995). Nun hat es der britisch-australische Entwickler Alastair “Muzzy” Murray im Alleingang in nur 20 Monaten (04/2021 – 12/2022) wieder zurück auf den AMIGA gebracht, mit voller AGA-Unterstützung und zahlreichen neuen Features! 

Das Spiel läuft auf einem AMIGA mit AGA Chipsatz (A1200/4000/CD32) mit 2MB Chip- und 2, bzw. 8MB FastRAM.  Auch eine Version für den A500 mini ist im Releasepaket enthalten.

Das Projekt hat sogar das offizielle OK von Factor 5 bekommen, die Bezeichnung “Turrican” zu verwenden, da es sich um ein inoffizielles und kostenloses Fanprojekt handelt. (Factor 5 besitzt die Rechte am Begriff “Turrican” für deren selbstentwickelte Spiele, die PC-Version zählt nicht dazu)



Screens by Muzza


Version 1.0 komplett durchgespielt mit allen Secrets 😉

Update 01/2023

Version 1.1 ist erschienen (Download) mit zahlreichen Bugfixes und neuen Features. Sogar eine CD32-Version ist nun mit dabei! …und das Logo funkelt! 🙂

Changelog Highlights:
  • Save game slots added (WHDLoad, A500 Mini versions)
  • CD32 ISO version (requires 4MB Fast RAM)
  • Two new game modes. Speed run and New Game+
  • Rebalanced all sound effect volumes
  • Lots more control options
New features:
  • Options to set the music/fx volume added
  • Music menu
  • Press S to toggle in-game music
  • New control option to use Arrow Keys
  • Control option to turn off AutoFire
  • 2nd Fire button on joysticks can be set to control Lightning, Jump or Gyro/Powerline.
  • Sparkles added to title logo
  • Scrolling inertia updated to be closer to original game
  • Option to view Intro from menu
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a crash that mostly occurred in later levels
  • Fix for silver diamonds sometimes showing as yellow
  • Diamond sound effect fixed
  • Fix for HUD values sometimes not updating
  • Jump height is reduced in waterfalls
  • Waterfalls animate faster
  • Fix for super weapon
  • Hiscores now say END when game completed
  • World 2-1 boss can no longer be shot from above
  • World 2-1 big fish follows player up/down
  • World 1-2 end of level boss, brain flash is clearer + tweaked damage
  • World 4-1 small update to secrets
  • World 3-3 after ship is repaired, players ship lets off a shot
  • Fix for player being able to jump and get stuck in World 4-2
  • Fix for player being able to roll and get stuck in World 5-1
  • Fix when quitting the game when animated tiles are in the background
  • Fix to Time Out handling
  • New silver diamond sprite
  • Now defaults to using Amiga player sprite
  • Continues not allowed in Challenge mode

Update 02/2023

Version 1.15 1.18 ist erschienen (Download) diesmal v.a. mit Bugfixes.

ChangelogVersion 1.15
  • Fix for saved progress not always correctly saving lives, diamonds.
  • Player can use lightning whilst riding water/conveyor belts.
  • Story sequence text pauses to make it easier to read.
  • Minor palette tweak to Amiga player sprite to better match rest of game.
  • Using a Continue will now restart the current level, rather than the current world.
  • Joypad user defined controls allow shoot and lightning on the same button.
  • Laser has slower reloads during boss fights (to match original game).
  • Multiple shot weapon speed changed to matched original game.
  • Minor fix to gameplay sequence in menu (Walkers died too quickly)
  • Fix for getting stuck down W1-2 waterfall.
  • For for W2-2 exploit where player could stay outside of the screen bounds.
  • Fix to being to activate final lift when not fully on it.
  • Fix for underwater palette when using golden armour.
  • Fix for redefining joypad keys.
  • Fix if player manages to jump up to final boss without using lift.

Version 1.18

  • Fixed crashes and weapon bugs from spaceship levels.
  • PAL/NTSC versions are combined.
  • Amiga DOS and HDF versions now supplied.
  • Can quit from the menu.
  • Added missing Floaters/Shields from several levels.
  • There is now only a single save slot, always active, and can be used to resume your last game.
  • Laser re-balanced.
  • Music fix for 040/060s floppy version.
  • Rewrite of file and memory management.
  • Two speed run bugs fixed.

Update 07/2023

Eine kleine Bugfix-Version 1.19 1.20 ist erschienen.


Version 1.19

  • One user reported a “Out of Chip RAM” crash that could occur when doing many playthrough’s in the NewGame+ mode, in WHDLoad.

Version 1.20

  • Fix for speed run entries in the hiscore board.
  • Floating pods will now release items when killed via smart bomb.
  • Giant wheels in World4-2 can be damaged when in gyro mode.
  • Super weapon can activated when using lightning/beam weapon.
  • The walker on the pedestal at the start of W4-1 is now shown during the screen wipe.

Update 02/2024

Version 1.21

Bugfix release

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