Stage Nine ist Geschichte

Vor einem Jahr hatte ich über das Projekt einer kleinen Gruppe von Fans berichtet, die die U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D in der Unreal 4 Engine nachgebaut hatten: Stage 9.
Vor einer Woche haben die Jungs jedoch Post vom Rechteinhaber CBS bekommen, die sie aufgefordert haben, das Projekt einzustellen und alle Downloads/Material/Videos zu entfernen. Auf einen Rechtsstreit wollen und können sich die Macher nicht einlassen.

Hier die offiziellen Meldungen:


@everyone As many of you have speculated, the Stage 9 project received a formal cease and desist from CBS Studios. We made every effort to approach them to discuss modifying the project to meet their criteria, but they are refusing to even discuss the matter. As of now, Stage 9 is no more. Live long, and prosper.


Hi @everyone , we just want to clarify a couple of things.

1. CBS has a right, as owners of the IP, to give us this C&D, and therefore, they would have a case in court. We however would not. We do not own the IP we use and never claimed to. For this reason we won’t consider creating a court case, because the only possible outcome would be for us to lose a heck of a lot of money for an outcome we don’t want

2. We aren’t going to, under any circumstances, leak or release any project files to the public, by legal or illegal means. This stretches to include any user of this discord. We would like to ask that you do not share any download links.

3. We will be staying as a team, and doing something new. This new thing is not decided on yet, however, it will not use any Star Trek IP in any way. It is likely that it will be a sci-fi project, but it will not use Star Trek IP Thank you for continuing to support us


Just to make some stuff clear. Obviously we, the dev team have been asked to remove our links to the Stage 9 downloads, remove the website and remove the youtube videos from our channel. We’ve complied with this. However, the previous versions of Stage 9 that were/are out there, and any videos/screenshots of those, well, quite simply, they’re out there. Nobody from Stage 9 can, or wants to prevent you from posting your own footage or screenshots of the project in whatever format you’d like.

Leider ist es in der Vergangenheit schon öfter passiert, dass CBS (wie auch vorher Paramount) gegen Fanprojekte im Bereich Star Trek massiv vorgegangen ist. Traurig eigentlich, denn solche Projekte sind die beste Werbung für die Sache und schaffen Begeisterung für zukünftige Fans und zahlende Kunden, CBS!

R.I.P. Stage 9


Was bleibt sind die vielen „inoffiziellen“ Videos der Youtuber, die auf diesem Weg die Enterprise „besucht“ hatten.

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